My Next Challenge: Last One Standing England 2019

May 10, 2019 0

MY NEXT CHALLENGE in 4 weeks time!


The concept is simple, you start on the hour every hour and have to run and complete a 4.1 mile trail route in that time.

You must run the loop and be back ready to start the next loop or you are out, the race continues until there is only one person who has completed a loop within the hour.
They are the “Last One Standing”

This is an official qualifier for the original USA version “Backyard Ultra” which is the same concept but the worlds most elite competitors!

Winner of the England qualifier will secure a place for the USA original event taking place October 2019 in Tennessee.

I’ll be putting out updates and live streams on race day via here and also my insta (owenOGgayle).


Current qualifiers so far from around the world…

USA: 31 laps & 29 laps
N.Ireland: 41 laps
Denmark: 27 laps
Norway: 33 laps
Dubai: 25 laps
Hong Kong: 25 laps
England, Sweden, Germany, New Zealand & Austrailia tbc


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