Level 2 Calisthenics Coaching Course

November 2, 2019 0

Owen will be hosting the first level 2 Calisthenics UK coach course on January 11th 2020.

A Level 2 Coach will work independently to plan, deliver and evaluate calisthenics coaching sessions. They may be assisted by Level 1 Coaches in the delivery of these sessions. Those wishing to gain this qualification should have previously completed the Level 1 Coaching Course (or Calisthenics Fundamentals). Course content includes:

  • Coaching theory and processes
  • Health & Safety (risk assessment and screening of participants prior to training)
  • Emergency First Aid (8hr course)
  • Progressions/regressions leading to the iconic calisthenics moves

The calisthenics practical content is delivered over one day, with Emergency First Aid training taking place on another day, with additional independent study completed outside of this time. The practical elements of the course include the progressions/regressions leading to:

  • Front Lever
  • Back Lever
  • Planche
  • Human Flag
  • Muscle Up
  • Superman Push-Up
  • Pistol Squat

Attendees will receive a course manual detailing the practical coaching exercises and techniques, as well as a series of pre-planned sessions. Those completing the course will receive a certificate of attendance however to become a Certified Level 2 Calisthenics Coach you will also need to complete the following assessments:

  • Session plan (including participant screening and risk assessment)
  • Short answer worksheet
  • Observation of instructing one static and one dynamic exercise

Key Facts

  • Course duration: 3 days (plus home study)
  • Course cost: £225
  • Course content: Principles of coaching, health & safety, first aid, progressions & regressions leading to iconic moves
  • Assessment: Worksheet, session plans, practical observation
  • Venues: London (Brunel University)

Brunel University, UB8 3PH 11th & 12th January plus 8th Feb 2020



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