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About Me

A little bit about me and my philosophy

A little bit more about me

Who is Owen Gayle?

Owen’s journey began with martial arts at just the age of 4 years old after taking up Taekwondo. Owen began competing in full contact competitions at 5 years old eventually becoming a national champion, achieved a 1st Dan black belt at 8 years old and eventually a 2nd Dan black belt at 12 years old.

In 2008 Owen began training to become a personal trainer and strength coach while at the same time training in mixed martial arts (MMA). By 2012 Owen was a top 10 ranked professional MMA fighter competing at an elite European level. Owen was also training as a full time strength coach under the well-respected and accomplished strength coach and athlete Tom Hibbert from Winning Health Solutions/Winning Performance as well as personally learning from some of the industries leading including Charles Poliquin, Derek Woodske, Andre Benoit to name but a few.

Currently, Owen is the owner of a successful Southampton based training facility called Muscle Up Gym.

A gym dedicated to calisthenics, sports conditioning, body mobility and sport psychology. Working from this central hub, Owen is now specialising in sports conditioning and calisthenics training, as well as a practicing nutritional health adviser.

My Philosophy & Approach

My training and dietary philosophy is based on how different types of food make you feel, as an individual, and how your body reacts to different food sources. My philosophy doesn’t follow any one system, I simply believe we must eat food for the positive benefits it provides us and therefore makes us feel good internally and externally. I look at all dietary systems as tools, use them all as and when needed to benefit ones health.

My philosophy  also considers the food groups which, whilst eating in the moment may taste good, but the after effect leaves you feeling lethargic and typically bloated. These negative outcomes are usually ignored by many and the body gradually adapts to these negative symptoms. I believe it is important to investigate and treat these symptoms, with gradual changes to address the root cause of pain, bloating or any other signs of discomfort.

Through my own experience of experimenting with various diets and training styles, I have come to the conclusion that everything in life is simple, but only once you have a complete over-standing of a particular subject. Situations where significant evidence and thus knowledge is required, only become difficult when you lack the knowledge of that particular subject area. My aim, as a coach, is to help others achieve a knowledge base of physical well-being via altering training methods and nutritional lifestyle. With such knowledge, I hope to empower my clients with the fundamental knowledge to help them along their own journey.

My approach to training is simple once again, training should be fun, challenging, inspiring and beneficial to everyday life, movement and agility. Likewise, the same concept applies to eating, whereby eating should be enjoyable, energising and simple.

Within the fitness industry, some people are attracted to the idea of training because of short term goals such as ‘getting ripped quick’ or ‘losing a few stones’. For some, such goals can be achieved, however these transformations are in no way sustainable and can even by detrimental to long term health. Focusing solely on aesthetics will somewhere along the line jeopardise your health by taking quick shortcuts instead of adjusting your training methods and dietary over time. Focusing on health first with the use of personalised, effective and programmed training and nutritional guidance will inevitably result in outstanding aesthetic outcomes. A healthy internal body will positively reflect externally and vice versa.

My philosophy signifies a long term lifestyle change that is manageable, sustainable and most importantly enjoyable!

My Credentials & Experience

• REPs Level 4 Advanced Personal Trainer

• REPs Calisthenics UK Instructor

• Calisthenics UK Course Instructor

• PICP Level 2 (S&C Coach)

• Biosignature Modulation Practitioner

• P.I.M.S.T (Chinese Acupressure)

• F.A.T Tool Practitioner (Fascial Abrasion Technique).

• Applied Kinesiology Level 1

• Taekwondo 2nd Black Belt

• Former MMA Top 10 UK Ranked Fighter

• Strength Coach Since 2008

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Learn specific bodyweight movements to help improve strength, muscle mass and decrease body fat


Dietary guidance to improve health, fitness and sport performance


Improve your conditioning and endurance for general fitness or specific sports. Personal experience with combat sports and endurance racing

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Experience a new method of training via various forms of martial arts from striking to grappling techniques