Biography Synopsis

Owen’s journey began with martial arts at just the age of 4 years old after taking up Taekwondo. Owen began competing in full contact competitions at 5 years old eventually becoming a national champion, achieved a 1st Dan black belt at 8 years old and eventually a 2nd Dan black belt at 12 years old.

In 2008 Owen began training to become a strength coach while at the same time training in mixed martial arts (MMA). By 2012 Owen was a top 10 ranked professional MMA fighter competing at an elite European level. Owen was also training as a strength coach under the well-respected and accomplished Tom Hibbert from Winning Health Solutions/Winning Performance as well as personally learning from some of the industries leading including Charles Poliquin, Derek Woodske, Andre Benoit to name but a few.

Currently, Owen is the co-owner of a successful Southampton based training facility called Move Training Centre. A training facility specialising in calisthenics, sports performance and sport psychology.

Owens current training journey is fuelled by adapting himself to become the most diverse athlete he can be which involves participating in a range of disciplines from martial arts, to strength events and ultra endurance events.

Philosophy & Approach

My approach to training is simple. Training should be fun, challenging, inspiring and beneficial to everyday life and movement. Likewise, the same concept applies to nutrition, whereby eating should be enjoyable, energising and simple.

Although a lot of the training I do can be looked at as extreme and very diverse, this is to show that anything is possible as long as you dedicate yourself to your goals, train smart and are mentally prepared and conditioned for the challenges. This isn’t to say that this is for everyone, in fact a lot of what I do I wouldn’t personally recommend for 99% of the population.

My philosophy for nutrition doesn’t follow any one system, I simply believe we must eat food for the positive benefits it provides us and therefore makes us feel good internally and externally. I look at all dietary systems as tools, use them all as and when needed to benefit ones health.

Through my own experience of experimenting with various diets and training styles, I have come to the conclusion that everything in life is simple, but only once you have a complete over-standing of a particular subject. Situations where significant evidence and thus knowledge is required, only become difficult when you lack the knowledge of that particular subject area. My aim, as a coach and athlete, is to help others achieve a knowledge base of physical well-being via altering training methods and nutritional lifestyle.

With such knowledge, I hope to inspire and empower people with the fundamental knowledge to help them along their own journey of mental and physical greatness.


► Strength Coach Since 2008

► REPs Level 4 Advanced Personal Trainer

► Calisthenics UK Master Trainer

► REPs Calisthenics UK Course Instructor

► PICP Level 2 (National S&C Coach)

► Biosignature Modulation Practitioner

► P.I.M.S.T (Chinese Acupressure)

► F.A.T Tool Practitioner (Fascial Abrasion Technique)

► Applied Kinesiology Level 1

Notable Achievements

► Taekwondo 2nd Black Belt

► Taekwondo National Champion

► Former Amateur MMA No.1 UK Ranked Fighter

► Former Professional MMA Top 10 UK Ranked Fighter

► Mount Everest Jacobs Ladder Challenge 2019 (29,029ft) – 6hrs 12mins

► Snowdonia Slate Trail Ultra 2019 (90 miles) – Placed 19th (31hrs 49mins)

► Last One Standing England 2019 – Placed 13th (98.8 miles/24 hours)

Specialist Areas


Years of experience with calisthenics to help improve strength, muscle mass, mobility and more.


Over 10 years of experience with many dietary systems. From years of a paleo style system, all the way to a strict fruitarian system.

Sport Performance

Years of experience with improving sport performance. From strength gains to sport conditioning. Personal experience with combat sports and endurance sports.

Marital Arts

30+ years of experience with various forms of martial arts from Taekwondo to mixed martial arts and everything in between.