Small Group Personal Training

Small group personal training packages are based on an initial 3 month rolling contract and then 1 month rolling thereafter.

What Are The Benefits


Become more motivated working out in a small group environment

Training Program

Your own personalised training program to help ensure progression.

Personal Attention

You will receive 100% attention from Owen. During each session, everything is about you, your abilities and your goals!

For Everyone

Great for all abilities with a maximum of 4 people per session

Philosophy & Approach

My approach to training is simple. Training should be fun, challenging, inspiring and beneficial to everyday life and movement. Likewise, the same concept applies to nutrition, whereby eating should be enjoyable, energising and simple.

Although a lot of the training I do can be looked at as extreme and very diverse, this is to show that anything is possible as long as you dedicate yourself to your goals, train smart and are mentally prepared and conditioned for the challenges. This isn’t to say that this is for everyone, in fact a lot of what I do I wouldn’t personally recommend for 99% of the population.

My philosophy for nutrition doesn’t follow any one system, I simply believe we must eat food for the positive benefits it provides us and therefore makes us feel good internally and externally. I look at all dietary systems as tools, use them all as and when needed to benefit ones health.

Through my own experience of experimenting with various diets and training styles, I have come to the conclusion that everything in life is simple, but only once you have a complete over-standing of a particular subject. Situations where significant evidence and thus knowledge is required, only become difficult when you lack the knowledge of that particular subject area. My aim, as a coach and athlete, is to help others achieve a knowledge base of physical well-being via altering training methods and nutritional lifestyle.

With such knowledge, I hope to inspire and empower people with the fundamental knowledge to help them along their own journey of mental and physical greatness.


How To Get Started!

Step 1.

Complete Questionairre

Once you have enquired for a membership via the contact page form you will receive an in-depth questionnaire to help determine your goals, circumstance and training preferences.

Step 2.

Training Program

You’ll have your own personally designed and customised training program ready for your first session.

Step 3.

Ongoing Support

You will be provided with ongoing phone and email support for any questions you may have about your training and progress.

Step 4.


Personal reviews will be provided to monitor your progression. We will discuss your thoughts on your program and make amendments where needed to ensure you reach your goals.

Small Group Training Costs

1 session a week


  • Includes unlimited access to open training and all evening group classes
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2 sessions a week


  • Includes unlimited access to open training and all evening group classes
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3 sessions a week


  • Includes unlimited access to open training and all evening group classes
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